Calibration Services

We provide traceable and accredited calibration of all types of measurement tools and instruments

Metrological Advice

We offer expertise in quality standards, requirement specifications, measurement uncertainty, measuring instructions and more...

Measuring Services

We provide accurate measurement data for reference samples or production control

Our Full-Service Commitment

Exova METECH is the single point of contact for all your instrument calibration, service and administration needs

  • Calibration Services

  • Metrological Advice

  • Measuring Services

  • Our Full-Service Commitment

Metrology & Calibration

Delivering metrological confidence

Exova METECH is an international full-service supplier in metrology. We provide metrological support and accredited calibration services. Through long-term partnerships we help our customers to implement the right quality requirements, calibrate measuring equipment, and achieve the right quality level.

As a full-service provider, Exova METECH is the single point of contact for all your instrument calibration, service and administration needs. We are vendor independent and able to support all manufacturers and instrument types.

Our accreditations and calibration capabilities cover a wide range of disciplines, including Electrical DC/LF and RF/Microwave, Dimensional, Torque & Force, Pressure & Vacuum, Mass/Weight, Temperature, Humidity, Flow, Fiber Optics, Acoustics and more.

With a staff of 350 calibration experts, Exova METECH operates 22 Service Centres in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, China and on-site operations around the world.

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Our accredited services can be performed directly inside your plant or on your production line - reducing costly production downtime...

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Focus on your core business and let us take care of all instrument admin, calibration and service - real QA that saves time and money…

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Our roots are in Defence and Aerospace, which for many years carried the development in cutting-edge technology and standards

GMP Compliance

We help our clients in Medical Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology to meet stringent FDA requirements

On-site services

Our mobile laboratories provide accredited calibration services in any outside contidions. Harsh environments is no exception.

Ensuring quality

Our metrology services are provided in the production of anything from tools and elevators to high voltage infrastructure